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Man, 4th quarter sneaks up on you, and we do tons of field trips, activities, and an 8th grade promotion. Plus yearbook deadline and state testing!

Regarding my personal tech initiative, I’m super happy to be part of two awesome social networks, classroom 2.0 and the English Companion. I think maybe nings were more what I thought twitter could/would/might become, maybe because I’m more comfortable with the format. Not giving up, though. Trying to follow #edchat but it is a bit daunting.

I desperately want a flip camera to film Shakespeare scenes! The yearbook cameras don’t have audio (due to an oversight on my part when ordering). I’ll probably buy one.

Great vocabulary powerpoint games (some are better than others). I am excited about Millionaire and Password.


Also really enjoying jeopardy labs. I have enough powerpoint in my life.

Burning Questions:

How am I going to pitch email for students to the admins? Had some superheros on CR2.0 offer to help, differences between gaggle and epals, verification?

Is anyone actually going to use our team wiki next year!?

Is there a way to streamline the standardized test goal setting that I did on paper last quarter, maybe using google docs or excel? Google docs would be good because then math teacher and I could both have kids access it.


Starting to compile the summer professional reading list, too. That should be another post.

Also on my mind is becoming a “tween” teacher, entering year 4 next year, no longer being a rookie, moving towards mentoring others and mastery.


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